| lackin’ some flavor |

Today is the first day of School at Serra.  Justin is excited to enter his first year of high school and has been preparing for this day for the past two weeks. He has been going over the list of books that he’ll need for the year, he’s gone shopping for supplies with his mom, and he’s been working towards making his uniform (yay for catholic high school) an extension of his expression. The general uniform consisted of a white polo shirt, and for the young men; there is an option to wear navy blue pants or shorts. Since school begins in the middle of August, it seems that shorts would be the best idea.

Yes, I intro’d an entry with my own first day of high school story.

I got to the campus of my new school, and it was interesting. Even though it was about 90 degrees outside, everyone was wearing pants! All I could think about was how different I looked. Back in high school, the last thing that anyone wanted to do was be different in any way during the first few hours of your initial impression making. The safest choice in said situation would be to just blend in as much as you can. There will be 4 years full of time to make a name for yourself. GOSH! just stick to the script and don’t bring extra attention to yourself. Needless to say, I was quite different, and I garnered a reputation for leaning towards being gay. I was quite taken back by such a ridiculous association. What was done was done, however. After 3 hours, I don’t know if there was anything that I desired more than leaving school and changing into the pants and resuming with a semi-fresh slate.

Needless to say, that was the first and last time I wore those shorts to attend a day of classes for the rest of the time that I was in high school.

It’s really funny that nowadays (did I really just use that word?… when did I turn 80?) being different is so celebrated. There’s nothing better than being able to say that you aren’t fitting the status quo of society. Thinking outside of the box has become a mere cliché now. If you’re doing anything similarly to anyone else, the value of such things is so greatly reduced. Before I was told that I should strive to be good at what it was that I did, or tried. Now I’m told that you have to be completely innovative at whatever it is that I’m doing. Who’s going to be better than you at something you’ve carved the niche for yourself?

Where does this leave the general all around person?

A friend of mine asked us if we would rather be a jack of all trades, or a specialist at one thing.

my answer, unfortunately, was to be a jack of all trades.

This answer was not formulated because I’m afraid of being different. It’s not that I lack the fortitude to forge ahead under the volition of my own ambitious desires. In my eyes, being a jack of all trades opens up your world to the possibilities of many collaborations.

When I don’t know something about a particular subject matter, I just kinda blank out if I need to troubleshoot. The problem for me is, when I don’t have any knowledge I separate myself. There is no ownership on my part, and I just want to have someone come and help me out with my problem immediately! Once that particular problem is finished, I’m good to go. Nice to meet you, thank you for your help, GOODBYE.

The flipped side of that is having a small knowledge of something that I’m having a problem with, encourages me to interact with others. I love opportunities to converse with others regarding new ideas about a common interest. Bouncing back different scenarios and ways of carrying them out really energizes me and pushes me to create. In this case, I think I come with better productions when I have some sort of inspired interaction with a wide number of people who are also passionate about something.

guess that makes me a boring guy eh? One day I’ll breakthrough with something groundbreaking and spectacular, but I’m ok with going along and blending in for the time being. I’ll gather all the info I need from all the people who are just like me, and then I’ll blow your minds!

(or make you stomach my crazy streams of consciousness)

One thought on “| lackin’ some flavor |

  1. I said this before…it would be wonderful to be a specialist. But I believe a Jack of All Trades is more versatile. Our school system pushes us to be a specialist. Choose a major! Find a field you are passionate about! But at the end of the day, many careers and situations require a knowledge and understanding of so many areas, you’re forced to be a Jack of All Trades.

    I think if you pidgeon hole yourself to just one specialty, you miss out on so many more possibilities…

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