| just give it to me straight |


I’m not the best person at playing games. It’s kind of a tradition in my fellowship, Intervarsity, to have chapters with certain game niches. The niche for the UC Davis chapter of Intervarsity was definitely physical games. I went through college playing games like: Telephone Cherades, Animal Kingdom, and the Watermelon game. Davis was known for games that involved lots of movement and noise. On a good games night, we’d be lucky if we didn’t get kicked out of whatever building the school was nice enough to provide for us. Moving to Sacramento has shown me the niche of a few chapters, which is board games. I thought that board games were just ways of passing time when there were lots of people. How wrong I was! People in the chapters in this area (Reno, UOP, Sac State) LOVE their board games. This is all good, ‘cept I’m not really any good at these things. (once again).

I feel like the world has become one giant game! Many experiences/actions resemble gameplay. There are certain things that just lend themselves to being played…


I had no idea ,when I was growing up, that there were so many games that could be played in dating.  There are so many rules to remember. Everywhere I look, there are new rules being added to the game. You could say that Romance is like a game that you made up when you were little. Everyone had to work with it, but it had simple, unspoken rules to be followed. You have to make sure that things are not miscommunicated amongst team members. I hear it’s customary to make the person that you’re interested wait for a predetermined amount of time before you contact them, there’s also rules about what kind of flirting is appropriate at certain times. There’s all this strategy happening about reading people and deciphering different comments and actions. There are certain times where you can show affection, certain times when it’s not so much a good idea. Deliberate actions must be taken so that you can closer to a person, so you can be noticed. Gotta have a plan laid down if you want to be successful.

Job Hunting

I have found that trying to get a job is the same way. There’s a little bit of a dance that you have to go through. You gotta put in your resume, then you wait to see if it’s worthy enough for some company to give you a call. If you don’t get all call everything is good. It’s when you do get a call, that the game starts. You get to try to impress the company on the phone first. It’s all about showing a little bit of your best face, but just enough to make them want more… Then you may get the chance to go interview in person. If you really wow them over, you get a good chance to wait for them to make a choice between you and countless other applicants. Then in this waiting game, there’s an interesting bait and catch game that develops. You follow up to make sure that they know you’re interested and they want to see it. Tenacity and determination usually pay off well. Again, gotta have your gameplan together before you go out and attack!

When did everything get a game associated with it? In the good old days, I remember just going after something you liked and getting it. There was no third party interaction happening. I didn’t have to make the cashier make me guess about how much something cost before I bought it. I just picked it, they told me, and I paid for it. STRAIGHT UP! The funny thing is that some of these games are necessary, some of them are just for silly things. The whole job thing, I can understand. It makes sense that people are trying to make the best choice of candidate for the position they’re offering. But sometimes, games in friendships and relationships just make things ridiculous and leave people wondering what they got themselves into.

That being said, it seems as though I need to brush up on some of my gaming skills. I gotta work on figuring out exactly when the game is alright to be played and when I should just fall back. Knowing my luck in games, it might be a while before I step up that IQ…

One thought on “| just give it to me straight |

  1. I hate games, too. I like non-strategic games like balderdash and taboo, but i am totally not into board games. sometimes i get pressured into playing, but i never have fun. i may give in to the strategizing and get all competitive, but then most of the time i lose and that only confirms my thinking that i hate board games…

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