| did I become my parents?! |

As a kid, I promised myself that I would not be just like my parents. I would in fact, always be cool. I’d always be in on the cutting edge of fashion, music, and television! Even if it meant giving up access to some real world ideas/opportunities, I was determined to maintain my youthful exuberance and vigor. Rap would always be on the forefront of cool right? I didn’t really have to worry about hip hop at all. R&B would stay constantly good. I’d love those things forever!

Is is possible that the same cycle that our parents go through with us, is just a rite of passage for normal, everyday people?!? I often find myself listening to a radio and hearing some AWFUL song, which is supposedly all the rage amongst the young college aged kids. I am resorting to pulling hair out, nails on chalkboard, bad/boring first date type action, trying to get away from the mess that I’m hearing these days. Watching ABDC, I get to be treated to the most popular dance trends these days. I almost threw up in my mouth when I had to endure groups doin’ the damn stanky leg. WHAT THE HELL IS A STANKY LEG? Should someone cleanse said leg? I don’t get it. I s’pose one can’t use a little febreeze to counteract the smell? There was also the Halle Berry. I’m pretty sure that the last time I checked, Halle was an actress and not even a dancer, when did she get her own dance and why?!?

Remember the good old days of nickelodeon? I’m talking abut Salute Your Shorts, Kenan & Kel, and All That. Doug was my homie. I used to love to watch rugrats. I couldn’t even tell you what was passing as a Nicktoon these days. I tried to watch some Nick the other day, and I was greeted by a few shows that I just didn’t understand at all, by understand I mean like. Zooey 101? icarly? I’m sure they’re ok shows, but none of that business would’ve flew in the early 90’s.

All of the sudden, I’m having flashbacks to me sitting in my room, listening to Dr. Dre in high school. Wondering what made my parents so bent out of shape when they heard me listening to rap. I’d pop on the Chronic and my parents would look at me as if I were peeing on the carpet or something. Their faces would be funny, but I would just try to tell them that it was good music at the time. This would usually send my father off on a rant about how much things have gone downhill since earth, wind, and fire. I am a big Earth, Wind, and Fire fan (largely thanks to those lectures, and subsequent listening labs that would succeed them), but it’s just different stuff.

I find myself complaining a lot about the media that’s around me. I thought that I was staying on the cutting edge, by having the scoop on twitter, but apparently that’s social media for old people. It would appear that all the cool kids are getting down with facebook. For the first time, I’m getting the feeling that I’ve become my parents! I’m starting to get annoyed at the most popular things. I find myself spending lots of time in the land of nostalgia. I’m watching dvds of animaniacs and freakazoid. Instead of buying new cds, I’m trying to recover old classics & it isn’t rare for me to be playing some Anita Baker in my cd player instead of Ciara.

I’m now cursed to be in reminisce mode for life. I’m only 26! Damn parents. You raised me well, but you infected me with your old people’s perspective on things.  I’m gonna go and practice my stanky legging, and hope that I don’t pull a hamstring, or damage my back.

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