| definition of dork |

I am outraged!!!

I shall not forget these injustices!!!

As a self proclaimed dork, I am raging (unfortunately, there is no machine against which to do this…)

Mayhaps I’m getting a little too excited… I must go back in time.

One chilly evening I emerged from my cave after my evening slumber, to hear my house mates talking about some ridiculous graph.dork chart Beyond myself, I decided to sit in on this conversation and see what I could add. Josh and Oliver were discussing a chart that described all of the members of our Bible study. I sat myself at the table and saw what they were discussing. They were gathered around the kitchen table gawking at this very sheet of paper.
This paper had 4 quadrants. There was an axis for nerdy, and there was an axis for ridiculous. The members of our Bible study were graphed onto this chart. Through research, I learned that I was all the way in my own quadrant. This was because I was high on the ridiculous side, but not very nerdy.

This classification sparked an argument about the definition of nerdy, geeky, and dorky. It was agreed upon that I was not nerdy, and I wasn’t too geeky. I feel that I fit right into the niche of dork. In my eyes, being a dork is someone who gets excited by silly things, someone who can possibly wax poetic about things that most people would just dismiss easily. We dorks have a slightly addictive personality and can become attached to something quite easily. I like to randomly go off on tirades about memories that might not have anything to do with a particular conversation that’s taking place in front of me.

I don’t see these things as the best qualities ever, but they are perhaps endearing. They are the things that make me so lovingly me. (Love me… LOVE ME!!! *shakes fist menacingly*)

To my surprise, I was greeted with the worst definitions ever. People were arguing that dorks are idiots. These people are marked by a less than favorable intellect. It’s not my fault that I don’t get extra excited by jokes in binary, or that I don’t catch the fun in math style problems. I can sit and get just as geeky about certain subjects along with the next guy. I don’t get wrapped up in the sheer geekiness that some people can get lost in. Does that make me a bad person? Nah. I don’t think so.

The dictionary had a great response when I was trying to get some clarification:
Dork: A (blue) whale’s penis.

Err?! Pardon me? I’m sure that this is the technical slang given to that part of the whale’s body. (I can be slightly jerky sometimes, but I’ve never been called a dick outright!)

The title that I give myself proudly is just such a downer. If a dork is seen as someone who is inept, I wonder what people think of me.

So, back to the aforementioned rage, due to the fact that I have been referring to myself as a dork, while the world outside laughs at me. (mostly to my face too, dammit!)

There are good things about we dorks! We’re ultimately delightful and we make people’s lives much more interesting. It is the dork who can introduce people to crazy new concepts and invite them to be themselves for who they are. I have tons of (useless trivial) knowledge. You don’t wanna see me while watching jeopardy… (I’m owning fools in the double jeopardy round, constantly.) There are just so many ways in which we dorks are the pepper of society. We add a little classy spice/flavor to things.

one man’s foolishness is another man’s genius right?


no matter. I think that I’m awesome. I’m much more palatable to people than a nerd might be, and I’m a whole heck of a lot more socially adept than your average garden variety nerd. I have a life outside of the overly-intellectual world of crunching numbers, and I just can’t be held down! I’m busting out into the world with awesomeness, and I’m trying my hardest to be contagious! If you find that to be a liability, then we must have a small chat. (this will generally be accompanied by some prayer, and perhaps the laying of hands)

We dorks are awesome! Quirky and weird is the new normal, get on the train!


One thought on “| definition of dork |

  1. Mr. Smith! You said it! We dorks are AWESOME! 😀 People just gots to accept it, that is all….for those who have yet acquired taste for us…they just don’t know any better. It’s alrigh, it’s only because they haven’t met someone as ridiculously cool as you, hehe 😉

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