| umm… forgettable |

Relationships are a very funny thing. If you think about how much time it takes to create one, really fostering and nurturing it. There can be a surprising amount of investment that gets put into them.

On the first day of college, I was consumed with thoughts about how I was going to forge friendships with people. I was so out and about and always willing to meet new people. It didn’t hurt that class happened to be boring. I spent many a day watching patterns and putting myself in places that would allow me to be in the best spot possible for some schmoozin’. Sitting here at this computer, writing this silly blog entry… (how dare you if you really thought that. it hurt! Yes you… Apologize!) I think about how many of the people that I lived with in the dorms are people that I still stay in contact with. The answer is about 6 people.

These things happen right? You get close to someone, you chill for a little bit, you might even bare your soul a bit with people.

Whenever I sign in to facebook, I always wonder why some of the people who find me aren’t like, long lost friends who I would love to catch up with. The people who find me are usually folk who didn’t want to talk to me in high school, or folks who didn’t like me very much. The people that I used to be really close to don’t usually pop up (I know this, because I sometimes try to search for them. It’s not creepy, forget you!).

I can think in particular of two people who I used to be really close to. It’s funny because I can think back just 1 year ago. I would’ve been able to tell you that I’d never think I could live without these people in my life. They were pretty much staples of my well being. Today, both of those people are like strangers to me. One in particular has decided to just denounce me altogether, and the other one had that decision made for her because of her boyfriend. I miss them both all the time. It makes me wonder what I could be doing, if I was still bothering them both (or was still able to bother them both).

Hell, it’s really funny that even people that I still keep in touch with, I can’t remember how we became friends. Just like my friend amy said (in her often neglected blog :-P).  It’s funny to think that we put so much time into trying to get in with people and we don’t even remember what we did to get to the way that we were.

I do love all my friends, probably to a fault. I definitely try to put time in, so that I’m not one of those forgettable people.

We should take more time to appreciate the things around us.

That actually gives me an idea about a blog entry…

stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “| umm… forgettable |

  1. I found the blog very interesting if not sadly true. It’s foolish to think the relationships we have will always have that permanence. Its patr of our time here on this earth to experience both the joy of a growing relationship but also the acceptance when it wasn’t as it was before…and who expects it to be after all? Change is constant. I think as much as circumstances and surrounding help in create relationships (just happen to be roomies, go to the same school, work together…etc) a change in these circumstances can result in the the dissolution of a relationship. The real challenge is to not fight it kicking an screaming placing fault on who caused this to happen (the optimist in me would like to think it is not an individual that caused this, though just as often that is the case) but cherishing the moment and joy gained from the experience of having that person in your life however brief…kind of like when we say the big goodbye.

    • *GASP* you read my blog!!! My life is now complete!

      I agree with you, it definitely is just a part of life, and situations can dictate our availability or openness to different relationships. I just think it’s sad how quickly this can happen. Definitely good words though, really just to cherish the experiences and gleam any kind of knowledge from the blessing that someone was in your life, whether you have that long-term or just for one season.

  2. Hustin! Just read through you last 5 blogs or so =) I like your reading. Keep sending me your link when you have updates! haha I can so see you saying some of the side remarks you make in your posts haha. (And just so you know I had to rewrite that last sentence cus it was grammatically incorrect).


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