| momma… there goes that man! |

Remember when I had a blog?

I thought that I had a pretty good thing going. I brought you such classics as: Love and Marriage and Kissy-Kissy. I was able to expel some of my most ridiculous thoughts and dump them into the laps of the public. It was a lighthearted, not-too-serious, all-too-embarrassing look at the things that ran through my head. I was actually quite surprised that there were such things there. I know that you, who read, were probably wondering what the heck was wrong with me (it’s ok, I wonder that myself sometimes).

We had some good times here, and then it just seemed like I fell off the face of the earth. I know what you’re thinking… “Where the heck did he go?!” Thank you for the concern, and to those who were thinking: “Good Riddance”, shame shamies upon you. Not nice… The truth is, I just got super lazy. It’s hard for me to think all the time. I’m slightly ditzy like that. Ooh, imagine that, a 6’1 African American, handsome, ditzy guy. (I’m still available ladies 😉 ). The stuff dreams are made of right? Right? *shakes fist*

Anyways, In the spirit of wanting to tell you something that is worth filling this page up with, I do have a story about my shenanigans yesterday. This will serve as my welcome back post! (thank you, thank you).

In the neighborhood that I moved to, I was lucky enough to be included in a community dinner rotation. There are about 22 of us neighbors that split up into 2 different rotations and share the very special (sometimes private) ritual of eating together. Everyone cooks at least once a month, and everyone gets multiple nights a week of guilt free eating and stress free meals. This past Sunday was my turn to cook in the rotation. Since there are people in my rotation who are going balls to the wall for Lent (Pretty sure there’s something wrong about using the word balls in the same sentence as the word Lent…. I’ll think about that one.) I figured that I would make something vegetarian. I went with the idea of making a vegetarian chili, replete with sourdough bread bowls. I figured this would be a nice, hearty, and warm meal for everyone to enjoy together. I was also mistaken in the thought that it would just be the most easy feat ever to pull off.

I decided to wake up slightly early on Sunday morning to make a trip to the store, so that I could get a head start on some of the prep and make use of my crock-pot. I get to the store, and I have no problem finding the various vegetables that I would need to concoct such a meal. The problems came when I tried to find a sourdough bread bowl. I have to admit, the local safeway is of the small variety. It reminds me of an express store for some reason. Anyways, I thought that I might be able to find bread bowls for the meal (Mind you, I do need about 12 breadbowls). As some smarter people might assume, a smaller safeway means that I’d have less chance of finding the things that I would expect to see at one of it’s posh, bigger brothers. I found 2 bread bowls. Deciding that this would not do in the least bit, I chose to go to Lucky’s. This store is in the opposite direction, but it’s still relatively close to my house. As I enter into Lucky’s I feel ironically minimally lucky in my endeavor. I walk over to the bakery and I ask the woman behind the counter to kindly point me in the direction of delicious bread bowls. She points me off and continues to decorate the cake that she was working on. To my dismay, there were about 3 bread bowls there.

I was determined to both go to Church and find these bread bowls. In my determination, I decided to do what any natural born techie/dork would do. I whipped out my phone and I googled bakeries in my area. I found one that was an acceptable distance away, and I drove to said bakery. I was flabbergasted when I saw that the bakery of my intent was simply a closed-to-the-public supply house. I let out a loud curse sigh of disappointment, and I headed back to my house. I thought that it might be a good idea to call a local bakery to tell me whether or not they could provide me with bread bowls. It was devastating hilarious that I was greeted by a woman who told me that not only did they not make sourdough bread bowls, but that she recommended safeway.

Apparently, however, my desire to feed my neighbors and friends would cost me a trip to San Leandro. I wasn’t fond of the drive, but I thought that it would be my last chance, lest my guests be demoted to eating chili in bowls (who’s heard of such an atrocious tragedy?) with sliced bread and rice. I was rewarded for my risk by finding a whole bucket full of sourdough bread bowls at this San Leandro safeway. Things went off without a hitch and dinner was saved (not to mention delicious).

All was good…

I’m baaaaaack!!!!

no wait. I’m out…

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