| random poetry posting |

Misunderstanding leading to broken trust
colorless forms come together and form something marvelous
don’t focus on the sounds
circle in on the feel
ones outside can’t ever reveal
a broken soul, and unrhythmic flow
the 1’s and 2’s work together to harmonize
the visions of the mind’s eye
transcend popular conceptions of being
for once try being
real with yourself, who you are
realize your value, you’re never subpar
a subconscious iceland freezes free thought
thaw it to express feelings for which ancestors fought
be true
to you
to who
you are
can’t become what someone wants you to be
the shape of your life isn’t just a pattern you see
technically, your specialty is specifically you
others may do it better
but what can you do?
the jagged cuts of doubt give rise to barriers
separation between love
and those who are hate carriers
be true to who you were created to be
don’t dance to the rhythm
created to move my feet

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