| What’s your story? |

Everyone has a story…

It’s very easy for me to forget sometimes, that humans are in fact, just humans. When your job entails listening to the best and the worst of society at large, you get a great idea of what people are like. I’ve really become very cynical in all my time of doing customer service/support. A lot of the time, I just think about how much people kinda suck. Sometimes, you go home with a thought of how much crap you have to stomach during the day.

The one thing that gives me hope in humanity, is the fact that there are stories. Everyone has a story. People’s days are punctuated by the micro-events that make up their days. It’s interesting to think about what someone goes through before they interact with you. I’m sure that many times, the people that are jerky to me over the phone are people who have gotten chewed out by their bosses before they call. Sometimes, there’s a job that wasn’t done, and was passed on to an unsuspecting victim. This victim is at the end of their wits, dealing with something that they are unfamiliar with and then they have to call customer support. YAY! I love dealing with people who are at the end of their wits…

Part of the best thing about being human is the ability to see the value in other people. It’s really something that’s been lost on people these days I think. Perhaps it’s just an effect of being raised in a society where you have to prove yourself so much before you can even consider what is awesome about other people.

Even though I’ve been out of commission for a while (with this blog), I have the idea of telling stories. When I was in college, that was a big part of how I got to know people. I would sit and ask people for stories, and I would return the favor for them. I used to remember them a  lot more. So, I think that my latest idea for some of these entries here are going to be based on my life stories. I’m inviting people to get to know me. (Like anyone still reads this blog…)

I’m out…

6 thoughts on “| What’s your story? |

  1. I totally agree =) I love hearing the life stories of people I would meet while traveling. One thing I did when I was in SE Asia last summer was to ask people about what life was like growing up. Their answers were so rich. Keep it up, Justin!

  2. Hey Justin, I totally agree…This is why I like being a counselor so much…I believe that everyone has stories and everyone has a history that shapes the way they are today. I think storytelling is the best way to learn about what matters to people and to get to know people better. Looking forward to hearing some of your stories! 🙂

  3. Funny, that’s my go to line in bars. I’m too old to do the hair flip and fake ass giggle. You can learn a lot about a person by their response to “What’s your story?”. Most will stare blankly back, quite unsure of what to say. Every once in a while, someone will return my direct gaze with their own, and actually tell me their story, or at least ONE story. It’s so refreshing. 😀

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