30 Days of Music: Day 11

A Song From Your Favorite Band

From the time that I was able to get cds of my own, I have loved No Doubt. This used to get me a lot of crap when I was younger. Mostly because it was a a caucasian band and I was a young African American. People couldn’t understand why I liked this music so much. I never really thought it was a racial thing, I just liked what I thought was good music. No Doubt has always put out quality music. I LOVED when I got the chance to see them in concert last year with Paramore. Definitely the most fun that I’ve had at a concert. 🙂 This particular song is one of my number one favorites from this band.


One thought on “30 Days of Music: Day 11

  1. oh how i remember you practicing the bassline to this song back in davis. my interest in no doubt was born (abeit years late!). of course, thanks to rock band, the flame of love for this group’s music was fanned to a blazing fire! DRUMS ON EXPERT!!

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