| reality killed the video station |

2011 is here! Time for raising the roof, making stupid promises and being optimistic about what the year will bring!

This being said… I acknowledge that I am getting old. I know, I know, I don’t look like it (black don’t crack, it’s true). The truth is, I think that I have reached the age where a lot of popular culture is stupid to me, and I can’t figure out why it’s actually popular. The point of no return is definitely when you’re wishing that the younger kids had some of the stuff that you had when you were their age.  Cartoons, for example. Give me a good episode of voltron or thundercats any day! I’m pretty sure that I’m now allergic to most things that are shown in nickelodeon now, because when I watch I always throw up a little.

My favorite stories from my dad include the degradation of root beer. He has for years been telling my sister and I how much root beer sucks these days. He tells these fanciful stories of the memories he’d have of getting barq’s root beer, and how it actually had bite. It was well carbonated and delicious. He is pained at having to drink a mainstream barq’s root beer now. The aforementioned beverage is flat and really tastes like sugared water. This is always one of my favorites.

What the hell has happened to MTV?!

I just don’t understand! I was under the impression that this channel was all about the music. Of course, I know that it’s no longer about that (thanks partially to a little guilty pleasure show that I love called the Real World.). The big problem is that there is less and less music on the channel these days. I don’t have a problem with the idea of reality shows, but what exactly are people actually getting with these shows?

New Year’s Eve is always a time when I would watch the ball drop on MTV. There would be good  musical guests and general fun being shown. This year, I was shocked to see the likes of Jersey shore folk, taking over my friend’s television ( I personally, have stayed away from cable tv, this is mostly cause the rent is just too damn high!). Instead of my fun times with people like carson daly, I had to watch a bunch of crap. WTF was this poor young lady wearing!? Seriously, I almost spit out the wine that I was drinking at the time. I couldn’t believe that someone would get on tv wearing such an “outfit”. I guess this is all acceptable because she has pasties on underneath that net shirt. This was second only to the fact that I spent a good amount of time just to see the countdown ending in a ball dropping only about 5 feet from the ground, containing Snooki. That was actually super disappointing. I thought for a moment that maybe the liquid crystal ball in times square had been done away with.

The other thing that I think of, is this whole 16 and pregnant, and teen mom shows. I can’t believe that MTV is making such monies of this stuff. Why are we giving such visibility to unhealthy situations!? If I have to read one more story about some teen mom who is physically abusive to her boyfriend, and how she makes 6 figures a year…

I used to know a good time in the history of MTV, but now I’m kinda wondering if I’m just out of it and am climbing up the “old fogey” ladder. Perhaps this isn’t as shocking to the rest of America, but something just seems wrong with the things that we’re allowed to see on cable.

Who puts this stuff on?!

I’m out…

One thought on “| reality killed the video station |

  1. You know what the sad thing is? The people putting this stuff on TV are old fogeys that are smart in duping the young and making butt-loads of cash.

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