| must see tv? |

I have always had one large dream in life.

To have my life played out in front of an audience as a broadway play. You may ask: “why not a musical Justin?” I may answer you: “friend, that would be too easy.”

I imagine this play to be a heartwarming story about a clever young man, who not only gets himself into embarrassingly endearing episodes, but offers a whimsical and moving view into his daily thought process. Of course, there would probably still be a few musical numbers, but very solid acting and awesome casting. This play would be the hottest thing to hit new york, then would take off as a nationally touring production. People’s interest would pique and be moved to witness such a display.

The crowning glory of it all would be that the story of the unassuming young man, would be turned into a feature film. Audiences everywhere would be enthralled by the misadventures of the aforementioned clever young man. It’d be a smash, and due to the classy nature of the material, the only person who would be able to play me, would be the renown Don Cheadle (The fact that he shares my birthday, has little bearing on him being my favorite actor.).

A lot of times, I think it’d be really beneficial to have the ability to watch myself and my daily life as a tv show. I wouldn’t even need any flashy scripts or deceptive pre-conceived story lines. Just pure Justin, and pure actions. It’s really easy to see other people doing things with themselves and being able to offer advice. It’s so much harder doing something for yourself, or even seeing what might need to be done/changed. If people could see themselves, it’d be a lot easier to say: “HEY, you stupid summummabitch! Don’t go down that path again!” or “Seriously?”. I’d love to just smack myself in the back of the head and say: “You know how this is going to end… back it up..” Hindsight is 20/20 they say. Perhaps I should… No, no. Nevermind, nothing like that 🙂 (I’m sane, really…)

What I really wonder is, what would a lot of people do, if they could see themselves and how they act sometimes? Would people really be proud of what they’re putting out there? Don’t act like it wouldn’t be interesting, you know you be gettin’ crazy when you get the chance. A lot of people would be surprised at that type of personality check. Maybe the jerks would stop being all jerky! The world would get along much better, and peace wouldn’t be a foreign or future concept.

hrmm… it’s a head scratcher.

I’m out…

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