|So What?|

I’m a little bit different.

(I’ll give you a moment to let the shock of what I just said to set in)


You’re ok.

There are a lot of things about me, that might make me a little strange in the eyes of some onlookers. Now, I know that if you’re a reader of these pieces of verbal vomit I put on the internet from time to time, that you understand my quirkiness. However, there are a lot of people who are everyday just experiencing my own brand of stupidity Awesomeness, everyday.

I do happen to enjoy the delights of musical theater. What’s weird about that, you may ask? (thank you for humoring me.) I do happen to be a 28 year old, straight gentleman. Apparently, that’s just something that’s unheard of if you’re not gay or wanting to test the waters. I can’t help it that Neil Patrick Harris has a voice that can send me into another world. (hrmm. that was a bit more gay sounding than I thought it would be in my head. No matter, I have a point to make!) It’s almost like I’ve spit in someone’s face, when I tell them that i’m a fan of glee, or rent, or wicked. Those just happen to make one my biggest dreams (life set to music) a reality for me. I don’t think that’s that strange.

I’ve always marched a little slower than some other people. Besides the fact that I have flat feet, and shin splints are a bitch, I just like to allow myself to enjoy some smaller things in life. There’s no reason to be rushing through life. All it does is make you tired and a little bit grumpy. Besides, sometimes it’s good to chill just a little bit. Unless you have a stock in red bull, then you always have to have “wings”.

I have this thing with shoes. I like when girls wear awesome like shoes. Some dudes like to oogle over fake asses, and some like to see pretty weaves on the heads of lovely ladies. I like shoes. I can appreciate a great pair of shoes on a woman. Maybe this is a reason I watched sex in the city so often… I could be intrigued by things that are much worse. I won’t name anything in particular, because this is a family blog… (HA)

I always had weird times going out with friends. I didn’t really dig the whole party scene. I don’t have problems with having some drinks with people, but I’m not a big fan of the whole club/bar scene. I don’t imagine meeting my future wife (yes mom, I do one day want to get married. It’s a shock, I know.) in a club. There isn’t really anything wrong with the women that you meet in clubs (when you can meet a sober one). I just don’t subscribe to that kind of partying. It’s never been high upon my list of fun things to do in life. Sue me? No, really, I want you to sue me. I’m intrigued by people wasting their time. I have nothing to actually win, joke’s on you. SUCKA!

I feel like for a while it was such the cool thing to be different. Hrmm. how ironic. It’s popular to be so different.

I especially love when people make me feel like I’m the odd one out in certain situations. I’m not out chasing the stuff that other people are chasing. I don’t care about getting laid or any of that other kind of action, just for the sake of getting it. I guess I’m under the impression that some actions are meant to take place with some kind of meaning. Of course, I’m missing out on tons of life giving, pleasure inducing, single person sex. *sigh* Maybe I’ll just have a nice piece of chocolate. I heard somewhere that it helps release endorphins right?

I hate when people box you up, or assume that you don’t know how to have fun, because it might not look like the ways that other people popularly do it, or assume that you’re fighting your nature as a human, by staying away from certain things. It really is what it is, right? I don’t judge you (behind your back, silently.) Why are you caring so much about what I do and how I do it?

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