|Focused, Man…|

In the true spirit of procrastination, I am up writing this blog. What should I be doing? That’s a great question, I’m kinda glad you asked (however, keep in mind that curiosity kills cats and perturbed Justins come after you! I know where you live! Too Creepy? I’m sorry)


What I’m supposed to be doing is going to bed. I’m supposed to be sleeping by 10:30, so that I can continue what is supposed to be a great experiment in creating a habit. Of course, leave it to me, the self appointed “Voice of the Young people”, (what? Lil’ Mama can claim it, when she doesn’t speak for anyone but herself, I figured it was a title up for grabs) to do something as clever as procrastinate from sleep. College taught me to be an independent thinker. Thank you UC Davis, I now create problems in order to think creatively around them.

Why do I aspire to go to sleep at such a geriatrical hour? I’m trying to be disciplined and hit the gym before I go to work. Yes, this is my blog, yes I know I said go to the gym. No I have not been drinking (tonight). This is actually happening. I’ve been doing it for about 3 weeks so far (27 year old Justin says WHA?!). I’ve contracted the mental illness determination of a gym rat. It had to be done, I was getting to be way too big. Once again, interjections from 27 year old Justin question the validity of my statement. I would like to point out that as of this morning’s weigh in, I have lost 32 pounds. That’s gotta be proof enough right?

If you told me, even 3-4 weeks prior to this one, that I would be ditching my post-work stress relieving workouts to pursue a relationship with a pre-sunshine gym routine, I would’ve stared at you with disbelief to say the least. At the most, I’d probably kick you hard and run in the opposite direction screaming: “You can’t make me!!!” all the way back to the comfortable, ass impressioned couch that I shouldn’t have left in the first place. Who would do something like inflicting a 5:30am wake up time upon themselves?!

It’s quite amazing what you can get yourself to do when properly focused. Something that I would’ve been cursing and screaming about has become a part of my weekly routine. I am not always enjoying getting up so early, but I do enjoy the feeling of not being tired throughout the day as I work. Not exactly how I envisioned getting myself into shape, but it seems to be doing the trick. Think of what else I could get accomplished if I put my whole mind and reserves behind it. Could I be as famous as that other famous Justin, mr. Beiber?

I’m trying to make a habit of doing gym check-ins and eating healthily. I can do this, because I know the power of my mind. It’s the same power that I employ to keep myself from breaking down at work, when my co-workers find out that not only am I listening to Glee, but I’m listening to the Madonna tribute soundtrack as performed by the cast of Glee. My mind tells me that it’s magical and spectacular. It doesn’t matter what you try to convince me otherwise. 28 year old Justin is gettin’ down with his bad self. “STRIKE A POSE!” Mental focus… Strike that one off the bucket list of things to try at least once in life. Now, I guess I should go to sleep by my 11:30 deadline šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “|Focused, Man…|

  1. I’ve listened to way more embarrassing things at work…but anyways, I admire your diligence! I go walking on my lunch break and count that as a win.

    • ahh Ms. Ford!!! What a pleasure and honor. I’ll try to make sure that I listen to my Glee proudly. I hope you’re well! I like the new blog!

    • Ms. Amber. Thank you for your kind words. Haha. Your last comment helped me remember that I do still have a blog and that I should be writing in it! I’m trying to stay focused, definitely!

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