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When I was little, I had one favorite toy… Some people had a blanket, or something like a teddy bear, (perhaps a tonka truck) that they really liked and that they kept with them forever. I had a lock… (I’ll thank you to reserve your judgement and continue reading)

(yes, it was) Just a lock. But I thought that it was the best thing ever. I loved that lock. It was plastic, yellow, and it had a picture of Tony the Tiger on the front of it. This was quite possibly the most useless toy ever imagined. The best thing about this lock was not the fact that it was necessarily able to protect anything private. What does a 6 year old really have that requires them to have such protection? (besides the drawings that conveyed my fragile hopes and dreams?) The BEST part about this lock that I found, was that it glowed in the dark! This meant that I was able to have fun with it whether it was daytime or dark at night. It would be even better at night, because it would be able to “show me the way” so-to-speak. Before you ask, yes, I did need guidance for my late night shenanigans. What do you suggest might have helped me traverse my house late at night? Some kind of night light? (too bright, think outside the box, etc.) Perhaps I just felt safe with that thing, but I took it with me wherever I went. I would walk down the street with it, I would take it to school with me, I would simply sit and read with it. As long as I had that lock with me, everything was good. I was definitely a unique child (Special is what my mom said, speshul is what it sounds like in retrospect). However, one day, I was playing with this lock of mine, my glow in the dark Frosted Flakes lock, in the kitchen. This was a day when tragedy struck. Somehow it managed to liberate itself from my hands, and it slipped down underneath the refrigerator. I can’t even remember how many hours and days and weeks I spent on secret rescue missions for my beloved toy. (mostly secret, because my mom would freak out if she saw me crawlin’ around trying to get underneath the fridge with no real explanation). Finally, I just had to accept the fact that it was gone. I would randomly check for the glow, just to see if it were even still really there, but I never found it. I had lost it to the abyss that was the space underneath my fridge. That cursed fridge swallowed up part of my childhood!!!

It’s kinda funny, back then, all I needed was my simple little toy. It would entertain me for hours and hours.I realize now that I have so much stuff! To get through the day I have an ipod, a computer, a laptop, and a phone that can pretty much do the same as all three of the aforementioned machines all in the palm of my hands. Has it really become that hard to entertain myself in my older age? I definitely wouldn’t be up to just going outside and riding my bike like I would be only too excited to do when I was in elementary school. I definitely should be treated for electronic dependency. One time, my best friend left my house with my phone in her car, and I suffered a coronary of the highest degree. It’s interesting how I used to know all the numbers I needed, by heart. Dammit, cell phones have ruined my memory…

I kinda hate growing up.

It’s way too hard to find happiness sometimes.

I wish it could still be found at the bottom of a box of sugar frosted cereal! (Hmm, I think I have a few co-workers that would argue that statement) Of course, that won’t happen anymore, because cereal box toys suck now! Everything kinda sucks these days. It’s like there’s no room left for anything cool. Today’s kids are being raised on counterfeit entertainment. I won’t say anything about the quality of the cartoons that are out these days. I miss the cartoons of old! Those were of real entertainment value! Today’s crap is just that, crap! (Unless of course, you’re a fan of the backyardigans. That show is amazing! AMAZING I SAY!)

I will add, that I have an awesome friend by the name of Minna, who heard of the story of my beloved lock, and found one on ebay… Friends are good ways to find happiness 🙂

One thought on “| simple joy |

  1. Minna is a GRRRREEEAAATTT *Tony the Tiger voice* friend indeed! When I saw the pic of the lock, I wondered if maybe you just found the pic online somewhere, but I LOVE that Minna found one on eBay for you! And I do love that you’re fav toy as a kid was completely non-traditional! I am a FAN of non-traditional things! 🙂

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