To My 16 Year Old Self

Sometimes, I think: “If only I knew some of what I know now, way back when”

So, inspired by this ramble I thought that I would make a list of a couple of notes for 16 year old Justin (isn’t he cute?)

  1. Strange isn’t really that bad…
I know this sounds stupid, but in about 10 years or so,
EVERYONE is going to want to be stand out. Actually, there’s
going to be these people called hipsters who want to be the
strangest/most original people out there. They’re kinda infecting
the planet.

  2. Fear is for the pansies!
Stop being afraid of everything! Lots of really cool things exist
outside of what you’re comfortable with. Lots of great people do
things that you’d never imagine yourself trying out. Feel free to
thank yourself later for this gem…

  3. Someone is always watching you.
This sounds creepy as all hell. However it’s true. You don’t do
anything in secret. Instead of not wanting to mess up in the public
eye, use this as an opportunity to really showcase your awesome!
No one is going to know what you don’t show them. Represent

4. Everyone is screwed up.
It does seem that some people have the perfect lives. I guarantee you, this is only the outside picture
there are skeletons in everyone’s closet, and as stupid as it is. Everyone is jealous of someone else.
We judge ourselves so harshly on everything that no one can see about us, based on only what others allow us
to see about them. Don’t sweat it!

5. Be You!
The best thing about growing up is figuring out who you are. Don’t be so afraid of what that might be, that you
miss out on the opportunity to actually become that guy.

6. Happiness is yours to find
Trying to please everyone and seem “cool” is a surefire way to some kind of identity complex. If people don’t
like what you have to offer, then fuck them. There are other people (lots of them) who will like you just for who
you are. Stop worrying so much about who those people are. They’ll show themselves. Enjoy life! Get out there
and do stuff, seriously. GET OUT!

Funny, these are lessons I would pass on to young Justin, but they are still the things that I’m trying to start putting into practice now. Lots of life is filled with the “I wish I did this” type things. I think it’s time for switching into the “I’m glad I tried this” mode.

I’m  BAAAAACK! (Let’s see for how long…)

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