| To my ride or die… |


Hey, you…

I know you’ve been confused about things between us, so I wanted to just write you a little something to clear the air and give the definition that you’ve been looking for. I’ve got a few things to say, so here we go:

My earliest memories with you were always associated with some of the happiest times of my life. We were tight, right from the beginning. Our initial meeting was fraught with a little apprehension. I had never come across anything like you however, you had this warmth and pleasant nature that I was drawn to. I wanted to have you around all of the time, but you were so hard to keep up with. We wouldn’t get too much time together in the early days, but you were always the life of all the parties that I went to. I knew that I could look forward to some time with you when someone had a birthday party, or there was some kind of celebration (graduation, new job, field trips, etc). I could always count on being tricked twice a month at school by someone who looked like you, but never gave me the right feeling.

My teenage years were some of our hardest times. Our interests seemed to grow in different directions. You were still down with the party crew, getting mixed up with all the cool kids and making frequent appearances at large gatherings. I spent more time studying and keeping more to myself. Sometimes, we’d get together during busy weeks when I just needed to unwind and take it easier, but most of the time I was always giving time to other friends. My mom successfully got me introduced to this nice little chicken and rice dish that grew to have a special place in my heart. However, I never completely forgot about you.

My young adult years were where we really reconnected. It was great to be able to see you whenever I wanted. You were around for all of the best times! I could get down with you at any time of the day. If I was feeling particularly adult, I would set up breakfast dates with you (because I could)! Usually, you’d be around for social gatherings, but we definitely spent some time in front of the tv and got to know each other better. With the expansion of my world, I found that you were one of the best travel companions that anyone could have. Although you sometimes liked to dress up differently, depending on where I was, I could always rely on the fact that you were the same, deep down. We had so many deep conversations in Chicago and even though you tried to act like you didn’t recognize me, we kicked it hard in New York.

Fast forward to today. I’m still feeling you like no one else. I can’t imagine life without you. I know in recent years I went through a long term thing with hamburgers, but you gotta know that this was all about me, I wasn’t unhappy with you. I just wanted to try some new things and she was sizzling hot, can you blame me? Also, to be real honest about it, you’re a terrible vehicle for pickles (whoops, this is not that kind of letter).


I’m sorry that I try to sometimes cover up my love for you. I shouldn’t be afraid to talk about the fact that I secretly want to hang out with you all the time. I can’t lie and say that you don’t make random appearances in my dreams. As I get older, I do realize that I need to make our time together more special/memorable. We’re only going to be in the prime of our lives for a short while, but I have to make the best of things while I can. I just want to clearly state that I’m all about YOU, I’m not trying to mess around with these flavorless patties in the streets anymore. It’s me and you, boo. You’re the pie for me.

Pizza, if you’ll have me. I’m ready to make a commitment to you. I only have eyes for you. Burgers be damned. I have been in denial, but you’ve always been my ride or die. Time for me to make the same commitment to you.

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2 thoughts on “| To my ride or die… |

  1. You should have listened to me years ago when you had that weak argument with me and Ryan Stevens that burgers were an art form. I stood right by pizza’s side the whole time, insisting that she is the highest art form. You were so lost back them.

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