| Do I know you…? |


Were you aware of my 2 hour stint as a male model back in the days? Yup. One sunny day in the city of Davis (in California) a star was born! This was the only acceptable shot that came out of that photoshoot (which explains why it was such a short lived stardom). The fun thing is that I have lots and lots of random stories and random pictures that just live in the depths of my completely open Facebook profile. Some of them are from way, way back in the day.


Even lesser known is that time that I became a swing dancing prodigy and I set the streets of Oakland on fire back in 2005. Unfortunately for my friend Chien-Wei, he had to be the one willing to deal with my learning of all the aerials. After a lot of practice, we were able to burn that dancefloor down! No problems and the entire UC Davis team (along with some help from the UC Berkeley team) was able to swing, jump, jive, and wail with the best of them. Also, I lived with a bunch of people in a house for an urban mission trip in the streets of Oakland, working with kids in a summer camp type environment (ooh, i’m just full of all the random facts in this one, aren’t I)? It’s just one of those things. No big deal really.

When I sit back and think about it, I have so many stories! I have probably forgotten more than I should have (getting up there in age, my mind is starting to fail me a bit hehe). There are so many adventures and shenanigans that I have jumped in on, or have joined in for. People who meet me now, would never even guess at some of the things that I’ve gotten myself into. Again, if you were to ask me, I might not be able to give the clearest examples of these things anymore, but the idea is that there is so much history that doesn’t exactly get exposed to the light of day anymore. If you do a good enough job of Facebook stalking me, you’ll get treated to a few doozies. Like this one(I take my costume game REAL seriously)!

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.17.24 PM

I realized recently, that this all goes two ways! I only ever think of friendships from when they start with me. This is kinda problematic for 2 reasons:
1. I almost never remember how I have met people/became friends with them (seriously,
maybe you can help me remember these things, the next time that we hangout).
2. I negate all the cool things that have made you the person that you were when we met
(however it was that this happened. Again, see reason #1).

I feel like I should definitely take a more vested interest in these kinds of things. I feel like there are rich tapestries that were weaved of great times and fun adventures that transpired way before I had the pleasure of meeting you. These are especially interesting, because they give a new perspective to you as a person and that’s a valuable thing. I want to find out about how little <insert your name here> (props to you if you actually inserted your name there while you read this) dealt with such heavy topics like Prom night, Freshman year of college, or spring break 19/2k whatever end numbers those stories include.

Of course, I’m interested in having more stories to create with friends as the year continues on, but don’t be surprised if you find me liking super old pictures (cause I’m about to get my stalk on with my friends), or if I start asking you much more questions about your past. I’ll try to make sure to have a few of my own on hand, because reciprocation is the name of the game. Conversations, am I right?!

Let’s make more moves to get to know each other better, friends!


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