| Happy New Year to Me! |

This year’s edition of the annual birthday trip will have me adventuring (in the laziest form of the word) to Puerto Vallarta! It will be my first trip to Mexico and will also (potentially) be my first and last trip of a purely lazy nature. I am going to an all-inclusive resort and am planning on ringing in my personal new year with lots of room service for breakfast and beachcombing.

This year, I’ve been trying to take more time to ask pointed questions of people during their birthdays (or around their birthdays). I feel like it’s actually really helpful for me to learn what’s been important to people and what they’re focusing on. It’s interesting to keep notes on that and hopefully, helping to keep asking people about their goals/cheering them on around those things. So… In the spirit of being open about things, I’m going to answer those questions for myself, here:

What are three things that you’ve proudly accomplished this past year?

  1. Became money smart
    – Right around the time that I was in Iceland (last year’s birthday trip), I decided that I wanted to stop living completely paycheck to paycheck. I spent a good amount of time checking out different savings tools and setting a goal of trying to save 12k for this year. To date, I’ve gotten a little over that 12k saved (I don’t have it currently with me, I have done a bit of spending this year. This trip is the last bit of that $$$).

    – I also decided that I would learn about how credit works and how I can re-build mine up. Lots of reading, lots of monitoring my “credit score”. I realized that there was a bunch of basic stupidity that stemmed a lot from being unemployed, that made my credit kinda poor. Not EXTREMELY bad, but definitely something that needed to be addressed and remedied. I’m on the path of getting things right now and all that’s going to be needed is some patience and practice. I can do it!

  2. Branched out on my own
    – Part of this was my own choice, part of it was thrust upon me (haha). I had become a bit of a hermit over the past couple of years. A lot of this had to do with my mental health (which I’ll discuss later). A lot of that mental health was set by me feeling trapped in my life. I had no car, I had to basically rely on other people for basic things (like going to the supermarket). I basically resigned to the fact that I would just stay in my room and go to work, as a routine. This routine was killing me and I had no idea.

    – I purchased a car! Thanks in large part, to the fact that I was successfully able to make those savings happen, I was eventually able to get a vehicle. This opened up my world much wider than just my room! I could be more autonomous in my living. I never thought about how this was a truth for me, but having personal transportation did increase the quality of my life and I am extremely grateful that I was able to take on this opportunity.

    – I moved into my own place! This is the part that was thrust upon me. However, because of the progression of goodness in my friend’s life, he went ahead and got married, which meant that I had to move out. I had the opportunity to live with my other roommates but after some soul searching I realized that although the possibility was scary, it was probably something that I should try out. I didn’t think that I would be able to afford to do such, but again, that savings goal saved me. Because I had money socked away, I was able to afford the process of moving and realize that I was able to handle this financially also.

  3. Found my happy
    – I made moves towards really accepting what could be done for me with therapy. This resulted in me taking much more of a chance on myself and breaking patterns that I was seeing in my life that were keeping me weighed down. I gave myself the space to start feeling things, instead of trying to explain them away or let them wash over me. I learned a bit of what it took to get me out of the shell of my depression. I re-learned what it meant to take joy in some of the small things and I was able to jump in the saddle and recognize + appreciate those things.

What are three lessons that you’ve learned?

  1. I am enough
    – I learned that I don’t have to wait for someone to come around or be convinced. I am the opinion that matters. If I want to do something, I am the only motivation that I should need. Whether or not it’s a popular choice, I can make moves they I desire to and be completely happy with myself/those choices.

2. Friends can be trusted
-People do say what they mean sometimes. It’s

not always a joke or a trick. The key is to pick.
friends who actually prove themselves to be
trusted. No one is out to get me. The ones who
are shouldn’t be friends with me anyways.
Friends are important!

3. I can make it happen
-Things don’t have to happen to me. Things can
be because I cause them to happen. Life isn’t just
a series of things that happen to me and I need to
adjust to. I am definitely capable (and have
permission) to do things. I am able and have
permission to change things up if I’m not feeling
them. The power is in me. I don’t have to wait for
a good break. I can make good luck happen, by
taking action.

What are three goals for this your next personal year?

1. Be healthy

2. Invite others in
-All this solo work is cute, but no one needs to be
an island. This life is not about all the things you
can do alone. It’s about who you can share
things with, what kind of memories you can
create and who you make them with.

3. Stay ready
-Be prepared to accept blessings. If you’re ready,
you won’t miss chances/opportunities. Be ready
to say yes. Be ready to try something new, be
ready to meet someone new. All of these things
are fun and can be healthy. Just be ready to take
advantage. Be just as ready to say no to road
blocks. Getting out of your own way is the best
option for growth.

I’m looking back on this past year with nothing but gratitude. I’ve wasted lots of time with overthinking. I want to acknowledge the good that I’ve done for myself and the greatness that lies ahead of me. I’m ready to step into year 36 with brand new focus and clarity.


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