|I ain’t goin’ nowhere, so you can get to know me|

I finally came across my theme for the year (Yes, I know it’s mid-Feb. Fight me). I was supposed to be spending the 2nd half of 2018 feeling myself out and learning what made me happy, but of course, I got lazy and ordered pizza, then Netflix’d and napped (I can feel your judgment. I choose to ignore and continue). SEE?! Personal growth is already happening. I could’ve snapped on you. You’re welcome, reader! The theme is “unfiltered” (this might be updated or edited, but the general idea is the same. Thanks for the idea Kassaundra)!

One drunken evening, I was all set to just party it up with some co-workers at the Emporium. Actually, I guess I was already successful in that endeavor since I mentioned that it was a drunken evening (I’m terrible at constructing stories, thanks for your patience). A co-worker sat and had a heart to heart with me. Basically, he was telling me about how he knows that I’m kind of a big deal (without those words), but he sees me consciously dimming all this fly-ass-light within me. “Why do you spend so much time doing this?!” I spent the rest of the night getting out of my own head and just going SUPER JUSTIN (Saiyan felt weird to type unless you know of the legend of the dragon balls). I had a lot of fun and beat a LOT of people on a pool table that night. So what’s the point of this story? I’m going to try to re-introduce myself into the world and of course, I’ll start with this blog, because I always love thinking out my life in words and having someplace to keep myself accountable later on is always helpful. Anyways, here’s an intro to me.

Hi, I’m Justin. Here are (more than) a few facts about me:

  • I love long walks in the park, pondering over life and gaining insights about the inner workings of the human psyche.
  • I am EXTREMELY sarcastic (read previous bullet point and take with ever-so-many grains of salt)
  • I can be serious sometimes though! Starting with the next bullet point, I swear!
  • I have a burgeoning love for many things outdoorsy. I wanna learn to love hiking and check in more with my primal, nature man.
  • My happy place is the water (being on it or near it, never in it, can’t do that swimming thing).
  • I am an over-thinker and try to be a perfectionist (Yes, Master Yoda, I said try, not do. Take a nap on your log and stop beating me with that stick).
  • I spend over 80% of every day of my life listening to music. It helps calm me, gathers my thoughts, and usually my memories and expressions tie back to songs/lyrics.
  • I am a lover of love. (YES LAURA, I FINALLY ADMIT IT. Sit down please, people behind you can’t see past your rapidly inflating hubris over being right).
  • I’m an introvert with extroverted tendencies (I don’t understand this myself).
  • I’m EXTREMELY good at rapping things (especially when I have to do it faster than is necessary).
  • I am also really good at things that require hand/eye coordination. Think billiards, darts, ping-pong, etc.
  • I’m a jack of most trades. I am deathly obsessed with something until I get better than average with it, then it’s just: “meh, I can do that”
  • I am both able to think WAY more than anyone should and keep my mind blank for the majority of my time (I’m a special boy).
  • I want to learn how to ask good questions of people again.
  • If something interests me, I’ll do several layers of research on that thing and then on a couple of peripheral things closely related ( 🤓)
  • I learned everything I know about adulting from How I Met Your Mother and 30 Rock (This explains SO much, I know. You’re welcome).
  • I don’t laugh at comedy shows. I AM that jerk. However, I never heckle!
  • I have a super-human ability to randomly befriend strangers (usually at the cost of whatever group I’ve ventured out with).
  • Wait/help/service staff love me. I always make friends with waiters/steward(esses)s, bartenders, etc.
  • If I befriend you, I love you HARD. You might not even know how much, because I’m too cool to say it
  • That previous point is not cool. I should always say it!
  • The only two things I hate are Rapid-fire lines of questioning and people wasting my time (aka flaking on me or standing me up)
  • My number one love language is quality time. It’s how I receive it, it’s how I show it (but I can be more flexible on that one).
  • My mind is SUPER tangential. I can be fully in conversation with you and be thinking about music lyrics, or some random experience, or monkeys typing. That’s a normal thing for me.
  • I’m always up for challenging myself. This entire post is the beginning of an exercise of challenging my comfort.

WHEW! I think that’s a lot to take in. If you made it to the end of this, then in the words of J. Cole: ” I really f#$ks with you!”

Here’s to introducing myself (again in some cases) to new and old friends. 2k19, I’m coming for you!

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