| Back in the days, when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore… (thank goodness)|

She said WHAT?! She wants to dance with me?!

Oh my gosh. What am I supposed to do with that? I’ve never “freaked” anyone before. Do I know how that is even supposed to work? Do you think she’ll know that I’ve never done it before? Ugh. Why can’t people just dance like normal folk? If there were some steps that I could follow and repeat, I would be so good at that. I’m usually very good at dancing, but this whole, putting your body on someone else’s body makes no sense to me at all. However, that was what the cool kids were doing at the school dances and all of the sudden, I had to fall in line with those guys. HOW EMBARRASSING! Where am I supposed to put my hands?! What happens if I have a “too close” moment?! This is all going to be too much for me.

This was the worst trouble of my 7th-grade year. I heard some rumor that a girl wanted to dance with me and I had no idea whether or not I was properly equipped to deal with the joys of trying to “dance” with her in public. People would be watching me for goodness sake! I won’t make mention of the countless hours that I spent in my room, trying to move along to the music in my head (actually, disturbingly similar to how I spend some Thursday nights as an adult). I spent more time worrying about this particular endeavor than I should like to admit. However, in my defense, I was a silly 13-year-old boy, so the fear was real! I will report though, that I did go to that dance, I did dance with that girl (and multiple others). Everything resolved itself in a tiny package and I only sweated through one t-shirt (outer-shirt winning)!

(Photo by Alex Lombardi/Hulu)

Last weekend, I came across a show called Pen15 (yes, 12-year-olds, that’s the name of the show, I didn’t make it up…) and it paints middle school as a true hell-hole! Everyone knows that kids are mean, but apparently, young adolescents are horrible, hormonal, and jerky! That being said, it was a delightful / cringe-y show to watch at times, but I enjoyed it. However, it really made me think about how horrible this time could’ve been. There was so much name-calling and cattiness! Was it possible that I just blocked out so many shenanigans? Maybe it had to do with the fact that I went to a Christian K – 8th-grade school? Whatever it was, I don’t remember middle school being so bad. Now then, it’s not like I was popular by any means, but I didn’t dread going to school, nor did I have any bullies to avoid in the hallways. As far as I remember, there were silly things between the boys and the girls, but nothing crazy that I can remember.

I asked a few friends and they all pretty much agreed that there were some unsavory moments in middle school. Some of their least favorite times were those 3 years before high school. Apparently, everything got stuck in a whirlwind of hormones, pimples, bodily changes, and judgment. Who would want to live in such a crazy time? The boys were busy trying to look cool, the girls were trying to be the coolest, the expectations were SKY HIGH! How does one make it through such things?! I’m curious. If you read this little slice of the internet, tell me how your middle school times were. Am I really the only one who has the worst story of their childhood being about a stupid dance? This seems like it should be the way to middle school it…

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