Aquatic Treachery

Once again I sit confused
Wondering what’s going on
self reflection doesn’t reveal me
What I see is another

I’m missing a shadow

Does anyone see it?

I fall deeper and deeper
Into a sea which I don’t want to leave
Although the currents are pulling at me

I’m suffocating

Yet I’m fine

The water soothes me
Instead of causing harm

There are falsities and impurities in this water
I cannot stop myself from wanting to drink

I’m being flooded
In the bubbles I see my thoughts
They’re the same color


They pulsate
Faster than I can count
The faster they go
The better I feel

This happiness of course
Is temporary and unreal

After a while it hurts
At that very second it’s warm
I feel safe again

One never ending cycle

It’s so weird
Although I can’t stand the swim
I never leave the water

Right where it gets deepest
I catch a faint glimpse of me
I’m in the mind of someone else

Maybe that’s my problem
I’m trying to be more for them
I only wish I knew what I wanted

The salt is blinding me…

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