Before “I Do”

With the way you’re interacting with me
I can’t say realistically, me meeting you wasn’t destiny
Unexpectedly, I was surprised pleasantly
By receiving a blessing in disguise
Special delivery straight from the skies
Can’t believe my luck every time I look in your eyes
Our love’s the real thing tested and tried
Within you, I see a place where my love can reside
I wanna be like the sun
Rise and fall with you, letting two souls become one
My parents disapprove, my friends may shun
But I ignore, cause you’re huggin and lovin’ me when the day is done
I can say it’s over for other girls
Cause you are my world
In an ocean of oysters, you’re my pearl
Seemingly impossible, like a diamond crafted from sand
Yes ma’am
I can say that I am
Devoted and dedicated, struggling yet motivated
To acquire this love, for so long I have waited
I sat patiently
Knowing eventually, that goodness would come to me
Much sooner than later, I saw you walk into that door
Standing before me, the answer to my prayers and more
Beautiful, tantalizing, joyful, I truly adore
Your smile, your style, secretly admiring what you stand for
Now I stand here glowing, my heart is ablaze
On fire, with the desire to love you always

I do…

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