Can I Love You?

I’ve experienced a myriad of tormented nights
Dreaming of the taste
Of your love
The delectable flavor of you
I’m left contemplating
How I’d adore you
I want to be that man…

The one tenderly caressing your face
I wish that it could be me
Extracting the essence of you
Staring into your soul
Retrieving joy
I should be that man…

I can feel your intangible hand
More than an imaginary touch
Beyond immediate grasp
Mingling in euphoria
With all of my covert stares
I see you and me
Like Cleopatra and Mark Antony
He was her love
And she, his queen
I long to be that man…

I want my love to fall on you
Like the misty May rain
I long to envelope you
In a passionate embrace
To provide both love and refuge
I wish I was that man…

Allow me to be the one you run to
I want to be the one
The only one you need
The one that completes you
Delivering ecstasy on a platter
I don’t want to be a snack
Of infatuation
My desire is to nourish your heart.
Can I be that man?


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