Coffee Shop (Part 1)

Taking a second to look up from my double mocha
with two shots of chocolate syrup,
just the way I like it.
I noticed her honey brown hair

Caught a glimpse
of the world’s most alluring smile

Being that I’m just too cool
to be caught staring
I returned to my mocha
which was surprisingly strong

There was more than enough coffee in my cup,
but I couldn’t help thinking about
that little caramel drop in the corner
that would’ve made my drink a lot sweeter

But I don’t trip over women
no, not me
back to my paper.
back to the mocha

The mocha that I had been craving all day
that mocha
the one that I couldn’t get out of my mind
suddenly sprouted legs,
shapely hips,
pouty lips,
and almond eyes

I was being consumed
consumed by what I had been consuming
as I resumed consciousness,
I caught myself
in full stare

I also found
those delicious eyes
had found their way to me…

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