Could I Hold Your Heart?

could I hold your heart?
could I shelter all the painful feelings of your past?
could I provide that love that you claim to want
yet shy away from?
let my share my un-jaded perspective of you
share the beautiful projection that I’m presented with
not the undeserving facsimile that you see yourself as
there’s a layer of love in you
a layer of loveliness that’s deeper than the cosmetic aesthetic
deeper than the exaggerated example that you’re held to
it’s not that you don’t compare to anyone else
no one else compares to you
when you believe that, it will definitely show
bright as the luminescence that is held back by your lips
expose that smile, as it illuminates you and all you come into contact with
illuminates and radiates
give others the same warmth that I feel when I see you
touch them with little pieces of you
don’t be afraid to release that
and step away from outside expectations of you
you are who you are
no one else
can hurt you…
you are the only one who should determine
who you are
be determined to see
how beautiful you are


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