freewrite fragment

Last night I fell into conversation with myself
I had to wonder. Where have you been?
I have to ask, because literally, lingering around dark corners has been a doppleganger.
Absolutely not who I would’ve expected to see when hearing the things that I’ve heard
seeing life the way I’ve seen, I mean it’s just absurd to think that this could be a dead ringer
for the excitable young man who seemingly used to reside here.
I’m afraid that I’ve been forced to stomach facsimiles, faulty and flawed
these inadequacies that you’ve been trying hide behind, trying to sow society’s sod
were you serious when you tried to stuff me into that neat equilateral box
tucked away and replaced with the things that would smooth down your edges
you sneakily pledged that the real you wouldn’t stand to tarnish the good name you’ve made
you stayed stuck in a stifling fog, stumbling while sheepishly maintaining appearances
while the grass seems greener on the other side, you almost allowed your essence to die
taking pride in the product that clever pruning projected, covering the turmoil that pretending belied
it’s an odd feeling, being held hostage, forced to play third string, backseat driver to manufactured traits
you got sucked into the addiction of protecting yourself, no realization of what the cost is
fading your true colors to muted hues, whose sparkling you accosted
it’s no wonder you felt like you had no say in things,
you silenced your inner voice, smothered it simply to a whimper
all I ever wanted was to represent you. Truly you, the amazing creation you were conceived to be
the thing that you’ve become seems to have lost connection,
introspection would uncover the motivation that keeps you subdued in places you can’t believe
transforming that darkness into a light, never ceasing to gleam
I’ve been tucked away, waiting for this opportunity, to shed some light on a few things I’ve pondered
for this chance to resurface, I am honored.
the quintessential element for you to try to stay relevant is finding your voice
your words will ring fierce like the roar of a tiger
metaphors, similes, and stanzas fully inspired, delivered powerfully spoken
rising like smoke in the midst of rambling and infernos of indecipherable noise

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