get it

sometimes the words hold no mysterious power
nothing’s hard hitting, head splitting, or tugs at the heart
the hardest part is realizing my vernacular dysfunction
the assumption is that this is what I do, it should be easy
something I loved to do should never bereave me
leavin’ me to deal with the loss of my multi-syllabic gumption
worst part about it is, these “rappers” come up with all kinds of “hotness”
it seems easy to get a hit, just open your mouth with some nonsense
people hearing these flows, by default, they think they’re sick
I think they got diarrhea, droppin’ uncontrollable shit
people ain’t listening to the words that are written
a blatant omission, thanks to the beats that are rippin’
times like these are when the words should hold meaning
the craftsmanship of the letters is what I’m needing
simply because it doesn’t seem that I’m metaphorically sound
my mind is kept latent with my pencil laid down
the creative spirit in me was flatlinin’
In actuality, what I’m writing matters less than the fact that I do it
time to stop dreaming, pick up the pen & pursue it

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