I spend days of my life
In blind silence
My mind’s voice
Swallowed up by anger
So much pent up rage
Words can’t express
There’s simply no consolation
For the evil inside of me
I’m hating here I am
I’m loathing what I do
The stench of my disgust
Causing my optimism to suffocate
I have no idea what’s happening
I know that I don’t like it
But with no way of knowing what it is
How can I expect to stop it?
Simplicity aggravates me
I can’t handle complexity
I’m suffering from malfunction
Breakdown of my entire person
And now my mind and heart
A fortress of feelings
With walls wider than the ocean
What will it take to break it down?
I don’t think anything can
Nothing at all matters
Rage is all I see
Could I just want love?
I think not
Love has let me down
What I need is renewal
Renewal of self
I can’t explain this deterioration
I am imploding upon myself
Who will protect me from me?
I can’t escape myself.

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