Hey You

He sits and watches her smile
All the while thinking to himself
“I really know nothing about her
She intrigues me, but leaves me confused
What to do, what to do?”
Flustered and drawn, he continues to watch
Overcome with the scene, taking in what he’s seeing
Enchanted by the light her smile beams
“I wonder if she knows I think about her sometimes
If she could read minds, she’d peek into mine
And know that I see what she can’t in her beauty
The sparkle in her eyes that truly floors me
The gentle demeanor that singles her out

He wonders if she knows that
She is the reason he smiles when they speak
He loves to learn what makes her unique
How time with her becomes a blur
“I wonder if she can see it in my eyes
The joy that’s there from being with her”

How could he let her know, when his mouth betrays him
He turns to pray when the feeling escapes him
That feeling of boldness, overcoming timidity
In his head it’s easy, the truth is simply
Letting her know is harder than he intended it to be
Had he the courage he’d let her know
That special nature she possessed, God happened to show
He just wants a chance to get to know,
More about her although…
His head works faster than lips allow
Maybe he’d write a letter
Tying up the thoughts as they roam
Or perhaps uncover his soul to her…
through a poem.


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