Waking up here
Waking up with you
Everything feels right
Holding you next to me, tightly
Completes the circle of me
Nothing else like this has ever happened to me
This feeling is brand new
Brand new, great, yet unbelievable
Why me?
Why have I been blessed with you?
I can think of people more deserving
Yet you’re here
I’m not complaining now
Don’t think that I don’t like this at all
With you everything else disappears
No more room…
No more flowers…
No more sun…
No more air…
You’re all that I need
I’ll never be able to get full from you
I always need more
Just a little more
Give me more
Give me more of you
Give me more of this feeling
More unadulterated pleasure
Pour me a heaping glass of your love
Never leave it empty
Never leave me
My side…
My life…
Fill me up with you
The essence of you
Let me breathe you in
Until I’m satisfied

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