Last Words

I knew they were no good
Not the kind of people you’d want for friends
I could see it in their eyes
Their devilishly deceptive grins

“Awww mom, stop worrying”
You told me you’d be just fine
I knew better however
I knew that it was reason you wouldn’t find

I begged you not to go,
You wouldn’t stay
It pains me because I know
That’s why you’re not with me today

Why couldn’t you listen to me?
You could’ve heeded my cry
I can’t bring you back now
No matter how hard I try

I knew there would be alcohol there
And drunken guys galore
I guess you were just lonely
And wanted to explore

Did you stop to think?
Before you picked up that glass?
How this would affect your poor mother
How the effects would last?

Your friends told me that you left with a guy
He wanted you to follow him into a room
He told you not to worry
You’d be back soon

He threw you on the bed
He knew you were drunk
He stripped you and had his way with you
That little punk

No one tried to help you
Your friends all heard you scream
They paid you no attention
They were too into the “scene”

Afterwards he began to beat you
He choked you until you lost your breath
He continued strangling
Until you reached your death

Now through the heavy tears I look back
On your life and how it was
How all your potential was lost
Just because

If only you would’ve listened
Maybe you would be able to see
I only wanted to save you
The same exact thing
Almost happened to me.

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