fall into a space of nothing
free from judgement, pessimism, hate
lacking love, joy, excitement and happiness
just existing in a realm of yourself
being caught in thought
in a realm where you seldom fail
or where success keeps you from accepting defeat
take a step into your inner void
observe your thoughts and fears
see how youe inhibitions fall away
like dead skin attacked by a pumice stone
shed your layer of self criticism
accept what you’re given, listening to bio-rhythms
catch a glimpse of the person God made you to be
let what you represent be evident
a being of love with Jesus as resident
allow life’s opus, like, osmosis, to filter through to your soul
to the part of you where conscious grew
the you finding refuge in your heart
let that person receive pure joy and pleasure
lose the imitation forms of the two
become the person you’re meant to be
never settle for being a carbon copy of you

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