Pain Killers

Lying deliriously in my bed
I surrender to sleep
Dreaming of her chocolate skin
Her sweet honey smell
She wanders through my head
Then vanishes
Like shadows in light
Recalling the vision weakly
Empty and void of beauty
I cry out franticly
Still I ache for love
Oh, the pain…

I long for the warmth of her arms
Her smile lighting up my life
Endless days of gray
Enveloped in pain
She has caused me the ultimate hurt
Inducing suffering that can kill a man
I’m lacking the vitality
To fight this off
Still I ache for relief
The pain endures…

Sleepless nights
Followed by non-productive days
Swallowed up by the follies of life
I’m tormented by the memory of her
By what it was that she meant to me
I will never be able to get that back
No matter how much I cry for it
Save me from this hell
My face, no longer mine
It resembles the young hamlet
Suffering enduring troubles
Still I ache for peace
The pain just won’t stop…

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