marked by a life of finding value in the hungry eyes of men
lots of “love at first sight”
sex the first night,
trying to find that mr. right
left her knowing how to look beautiful, while being empty within
she doesn’t even know what she wants anymore
past that feeling…
that feeling of acceptance and love that breezes in with the next man
thinking maybe this would be her new chance
the new beginning that love now owes her
“double or nothing heart” there’s nothing left to lose
just another empty risk in the pursuit of happiness
draining more of the innocence lost with that first kiss

see, she’s always had the idea that it would be easiest
to gain a man’s heart in exchange for her body
tits and ass being love currency, and in which she was wealthy
although for all the dollars and cents she spent, she couldn’t buy love
all that she could afford was rental affection
usually due for return in less than 7 days
with each return, what she began to learn
was how to better herself for the men she pursued
she neglected to learn herself better
and whether from the lack of care or lack of attention
internally she began to break down

what she began to find was that in most men’s minds
she was nothing but a quick fix for lust
and in that lust she began to trust
she gave her heart while they gave their manhood to her
a simple object of their desires, she aspired to do more
who would think of her as more than just a partner now?
just a good pastime or a stress reliever with no strings attached
because when her heart’s attacked none of them have to react
not their woman, not their problem, when the good time is over
and she’s left to wallow in the pity of her own despair

All it takes is one. one person to see past the outside and reach her
teach her that the best things for her won’t come from another
her confidence and reliance on men will cause her nothing but pain
someone who will love her and cherish her, despite her feelings of shame
she can come out of this situation perfectly sane.
His love can renew all things to their once perfect luster
Polish her heart and her life, make things right, establish trust in her
Because in His eyes, she is the most beautiful thing
Exquisite in design, conceived in love and desired
All the things that she’s done are nothing
He’s endured much more for her.

The prayer is that you take her and redeem her
Bless it so she has higher self esteem
For those nights when the loneliness seems to triple
When it feels like no one respects of cares for her
He’s there holding her up on a pedestal
He loves her like the precious child that she is
A child that is His and just needs to see it
Her tarnished heart can be once again cleaned
The woman that she was when she dreamed
Can be the woman who once leaned
On the hearts of men…
Only on Him does she have to depend
When she learns that she has the heart of gold
And that there is much worth to her soul
Darkness and despair can no longer have her double teamed
Because in Him she can fully be redeemed

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