Reload Freestyle

It’s funny…
I’m considered a poet (in my head)
There’s a lot of blah, blah, blah
random metaphors & unassigned similes
the stanzas must start somewhere
gotta unjumble rambles stuck inside
Lemme spit, I’ve been stopped up
spot up, eye it, put the shot up
hustle up, check the follow through
no hesitation, it’s good, I got the attitude
Oh, I can be a bad dude
it’s well within my capacity
just gotta reveal the true colors
people are askin’ me…
the true hue, in my view, is rose colored gold
I strike it with the pen
allow me to be so bold
It’s funny, I’m considered to be some kind of writer
in spite of the fact that i’m categorically uninspired
you’d think my muse has retired
my flow runs cold, I’m looking for it
postin’ up flyers

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