It was a windy tuesday,
the night I reclaimed my liberation
three sheets to the wind,
I gave the finger to self preservation
all thanks to the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol
unremitting inhibitions were bound to fall
fall they did, and in the resplendent aftermath
glimmering fragments of former greatness
began the dance of revelation
the old me, almost fully forgotten
jigsawed itself back into recognizable form
born again, resurrected, back on the prowl
shedding the scowl of a 3 year sabbatical
filled with silent cries for lies to be forgotten
the truth of the situation,
was redemption (3 years in the making)
see, I mistakenly gave away my power
I let it reside nestled in a thorny flower.
attempts to recover resulted in pricks in my back
ironically, I retrieved what I lost
when I realized the cost of living focused on regret
I slammed down the glass, heaved a big sigh at last
then proceeded to reclaim what was mine


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