represent you…

looming on the horizon of eloquent reverie
lies the potential for verbal exuberance
those brand new to this, find utopia at their fingertips
slide into an existence where words are the universe
the fabrication of prose landscapes the immediate surroundings
break the chains of rigid structure
tear away from visually stimulated simulation
fight complacency, become auditorily oriented
hear the freedom in the rhythm of the words

try               them         into                    wildly
letting           flow        something            staccato

something stylistically you
feel free to digress from protocol, undermine status quo
there is no pressure to shift a poetic paradigm
no need to inundate words with a code of mystery
realistically, the transparent is quite potent
the problem is letting a notebook become a confine
relegated to remain within a college ruled nightmare
change the scene, go past the smoke screen
let things flow freely, creativity isn’t detected as treason
the essential provision in this mental realm
promotes elasticity, allowing the mind to shape reality
through carefully crafted similes and metaphoric exploration
within this division between liberation and prison
the constructs that bind or release men
the envelope gets pushed, towards the edge of poetic greatness
which is release of the spirit through self expressed

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