structured freewrite

while listening, I find myself lost
in a world of post-flesh ecstasy…
mesmerized by the union of words and light
the melodic plight of notes breaking free
what I love to savor is new flavors…
the ways the emcee can manhandle a beat
ricocheting rhymes and metaphors off the heart of a track
love is the way that Talib Kweli
expertly presents rhythm and Verbalizing as sacred companions
how Kanye West immerses the instrumental with soul
Alicia in the right Key pacifies me
in the calming waters of songs from the soul
being fed by the vine of divine lines
cleverly concocted lyrics convey the spirit
of composers as travelers of the mind
hip hop, the crack…
leaving my veins feenin’ for this
the blaspheming music of my time
my parents swear against it, I just gotta defend it
I didn’t write it,
but the music is mine.

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