Temptation of Love (B-Side)

she visits me in late night episodes
melodramas in dreams, soap operas in unconsciousness
where thoughts once repressed, are manifested in tests
can the right choice be made before the plot unfolds
our reruns drive me wild, and in time I find that I miss
little things with her, that brought smiles and happiness
no commercial breaks in the joy that we have together
the artificial feelings of bliss that should never feel like this
so real, unforced, completely engrossing and sensuous
I want an interruption in service, but the connection’s too tough to sever
picture in picture shows me with and without her
and in the picture with her, I look much happier
there has to be a problem with the receiver
a malfunction in my mind’s widescreen television set
trying to change the channels has completely no effect
she seems to have changed in character, but can I believe her?
realizing that control of the screen is no longer with me
I’m wishing for a life that I can lead more comfortably
I endure the interpretation of grandeur I’m inheriting

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