Temptation of Love

well, it’s been a while and I’m still haunted by dreams of you
visions of how things could be, how long they could’ve gone and why they didn’t
within minutes, I’m reminded of the obstructions clouding my perfect view
seeing reality, I can’t help but want to take what happened and spin it
adjust it to something less painful, tweak it to something beautiful
appealing apparitions of the joy that I wanted to exist for us
deep down, I don’t want to admit that actually, being with you could be terrible
it would compromise all that I am
and I’m not trying to be adventurous
with a side of me that I’ve left in my past
the antique me had no problem with the situation this attraction posed
I knew that such a union would raise problems and I could never last
in moving on, I realized that a vital chapter had never been closed
I never imagined that I’d consider you to be a perfect vision
although you lack the biggest attracting factor
very few since you have been capable of attracting my attention
but truth be told, you couldn’t be the one I abandoned everything for
the road I’ve traveled has been too far and too good
despite the cracks and divits that have slowed me down
no other diversions posed the dangers that you could
a person like you, for me, has yet to be found
how cruel can the hands of fate seem to be
when chasing a dream
trying to find that special someone in whom love could have resided
seems I’ve been successfully falling on my face in scheme after scheme
why can’t I move on with things and be happy with the way I decided?
that gaining a relationship with you would never be worth losing it all
these visions pushing and pulling the strings of my heart offsetting my balance
for a guilty pleasure
I just cannot afford to take the fall
still something in me yearns to take our relationship out of the past tense…

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