Untitled 2

She teases me with lingering whispers
Quietly beckoning me to her realm of existence
Stumbling blindly, following the faceless void
I have no choice, it is inevitable
In this state of mind, obligation and desire are blurred
Chasing Amy leaves my eyes clouded with imperfect visions of perfection
Forcing all signs to point in the wrong direction
Leaving me susceptible to erroneously trudge forward
Down the road of insecurity
But she guides me
I find solace through the soothing voice she uses
To lead me
There’s a secure simplicity in the chemistry between us as one
As one it seems there can be nothing to impede
Possible intimate interactions between herself and me
What I can’t see is the future
My tunnel vision increases the opacity of the obvious
Explicitly inviting dreams to wreak havoc on my tender heart
This is the start of my explainable doubt
Are these feelings ones that can affect me adversely
From the inside out?
Is she the fruit through which my soul wants to be fed?
Or am I setting myself up to be the next fly caught in her web?
How could something so unclear affect me in such a way?
Melancholy days are brightened through the thought of her
Previous days become one progressive blur
Montell was fallin’, it seems I’ve fell
Into an abyss of potential happiness, or a seductive spell
Whether it’s right or wrong, hopefully time will be quick to reveal
Cause looking into my heart shows these feelings are definitely real


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